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FPS Plan Components

  • Identify and establish goals

  • Organize and consolidate holdings

  • Prepare the written plan

  • Portfolio construction and management

  • Ongoing review

The first step is to help you identify and establish your goals. Then we determine what would be the adequate resources — such as social security, pensions, part-time work, investment assets — to meet those goals throughout your entire retired lifetime. We make assumptions about inflation, rate-of-return, and life expectancy. Based on that information, the plan calculates the percentage we need from the financial assets. The determined rate of withdrawal you need to take from your portfolio to achieve your goals drives the investment recommendation. Our aim is to provide recommendations that will enable you to reach your goals with the least amount of risk and cost. And we review the plan on an ongoing basis to accommodate life and market changes.

Clients usually think of a financial plan as a way to help them achieve a secure, comfortable retirement. But it can be used for education, insurance, and estate planning as well.

With a financial plan in place, we can help you make sound decisions about your other financial questions as well. For instance:

Insurance Planning

We create strategies tailored to your goals.

Education Funding

Solutions for parents and grandparents
to help fund your children’s and
grandchildren’s education.

Investment Planning

Aligning your investments with your
goals and objectives.

Retirement Funding

Preparing to have enough to
last the entire journey.

Long-Term Care Planning

To protect your assets and fund long-term costs.

Estate Planning

To preserve a lifetime and leave a legacy.